CODALoop – Community Data-Loops for energy-efficient urban lifestyles

There is tremendous urgency for reducing cities’ energy footprint through behavioral change. However, we hardly know how to enable individuals to learn to use energy responsibly in their daily lives. This project combines information, cognitive and social sciences into a real-life experiment in urban neighborhoods. It will provide: a) a deeper understanding of learning and behavioral change to reduce energy consumption in an urban setting; b) a tested prototype of an interactive web-based platform for sharing data about individual and community energy consumption choices; c) a tailored set of policy and market recommendations for the wider application of this platform.



Book: From efficiency to reduction (Open Access)

Media: Short public summary of the project (Video from the University of Amsterdam)

Duration: 01.05.2016 – 30.04.2019 (36 months)


  • Total Budget: € 962.947,00
  • CSS Budget: € 304.432,00

Funding: ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities & Communities Nationaler Antrag, Project Number 6674307