Maria Zangl

Picture showing Maria Zangl
Zangl, Maria, MSc.
Doctoral Student
E-Mail: maria.zangl[at]


Maria Zangl, MSc. studied Psychology at University of Graz and is a PhD student since finishing her Master Degree in 2023. Her Master Degree focused on the assessment and mitigation of optimism bias in the field of health-related risks and health information design. During her Master studies, she was already involved in the research project A+CHIS (Human-Centered Interactive Adaptive Visual Approaches in High-Quality Health Information), a research group project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Currently, she is working on her PhD thesis in the course of the Horizon European research project ITHACA (artificial Intelligence To enHAnce Civic pArticipation). Her current research focuses on questions such as what AI skills and competencies the public needs, how to use AI according to ethical values and how the technology can benefit particularly vulnerable groups.
Maria Zangl is:

  • Member in the Doctoral School for Psychology of the Doctoral Program in Natural Sciences
  • Associate Member of the Field of Excellence COLIBRI
  • Doctoral Candidate in the Doctoral Academy in „Complexity of Life“

Project: ITHACA


Shao, L., Lengauer, S., Miri, H., Bedek, M. A., Kubicek, B., Kupfer, C., Zangl, M., Dienstbier, B. C., Jeitler, K., Krenn, C., Semlitsch, T., Zipp, C., Albert, D., Siebenhofer, A., & Schreck, T. (2023). Visual Document Exploration with Adaptive Level of Detail – Design, Implementation and Evaluation in the Health Information Domain. Proceedings of the 18th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISIGRAPP 2023) – IVAPP (pp. 133-141). SciTePress. doi: 10.5220/0011621800003417 [SciTePress] [doi] [pdf (Project)]