Visiting Professor Xiangen HU

Xiangen HU will be COLIBRI Fellow and Visiting Professor at Cognitive Science Section, Institute of Psychology, University of Graz.

Xiangen HU will hold a special seminar on Self Improving and Self Adaptive Systems – Exemplified by Intelligent Tutoring at University of Graz.
More Information can be found here (UNIGRAZonline – business card) and here (UNIGRAZonline – courses offered).

More Information on Xiangen HU can be found here.

AI-Refit Project started in November 2021

The AI-Refit Project, funded by FFG, started on November 1st 2021 and will last 24 month.

AI-Refit, short for AI-enabled Playful Enhancement of Resilience and Self-Efficacy with Psychological Learning Theory, aims for developing a radically innovative prototype of a digital care centre for (i) a playful AI- and sensor-enabled assessment of mental health and (ii) adaptively engaging into activities to prevent from depressive symptoms, severe anxiety and stress levels, to reinforce resilience and to promote self-efficacy of the individual, based on scientific psychological learning theory. (iii) Wearables are integrated to capture daily lifestyle data for a comprehensive contextual assessment.

The project is led by Joanneum Resarch. Project partners are the Cognitive Science Section, University of Graz, as well as digitAAL Life GmbH, Medical University of Graz, and Symptoma GmbH .

More information on the project can be found here.