Educator Access to Services in the Electronic Landscape

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The project will explore technologies which can be brought together to offer course constructors an environment in which they can readily combine existing learning objects to create new online educational offerings.This two-year project was launched in February 2000 under the 5th framework (Information Societies Technology) programme of the European Commission and addresses the concerns of the EC white paper ‘Teaching and Learning: Towards the Learning Society’.

Project Features:

  • Learning Objects (LO)and LO Metadata Repositories. Both owned by the institution and
    available from third party suppliers.
  • Test Bank (TB) Repositories and TB Metadata Repository.
  • Interoperability of adaptive learning resources.
  • Web-based Search Gateway – Offering cross domain access to services external to the
    institution. Consist of a RDF Search Gateway, RDF Search Server and a Basic Semantic
  • Course Constructor Kit – Offering access to cross domain search facilities and allowing the
    user to construct learning programmes and discrete modules which can be reused across the curriculum and customized for individual learners.


Project Homepage: http://www.fdgroup.co.uk/easel/ http://psyserver.kfunigraz.ac.at/EASEL/Welcome.html
EU-Homepage: http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/55057_en.html


  • Dietrich Albert
  • Cord Hockemeyer
  • Michael Kickmeier-Rust
  • Edith Schreiner
  • Michael Silly
  • Ali Ünlü
  • Gudrun Wesiak
  • Andrej Zaluski (Homepage)

Partners: EU-Homepage – Participants

Graz Partner: Department of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria/Europe

Duration: 01.02.2000 – 30.04.2002 (24 months)

Funding: Supported by the 5th framework (Information Societies Technology) programme (FP5-IST, STREP) of the European Commission. Grant No.: IST-1999-10051

  • Total Budget: € 2,499,532.00
  • Total Funding: € 1,799,320.00
  • CSS Budget: € 154,128.00