Intelligent Distributed Cognitive-based Open Learning System for Schools

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The iClass project will develop an intelligent cognitive-based open learning system and environment,adapted to individual learners’ needs and ensure their take-up in the education sector at a European level.The project takes into account not only advanced technology but also educational, psychological and cognitive aspects to ensure full integration of current research and best practices.

iClass will provide an attractive and stimulating e- learning environment for children offering ubiquitous access to learning content and services addressing the needs of the main school stakeholders. These include the traditional groups: students, teachers, school administrators, educational authorities and parents, and other important partners such as educational content developers, publishers and providers of educational services.

On a pedagogical level ICLASS will contribute to realise a paradigm shift, making ICT more than simply a tool allowing a more generalised and widespread access to learning resources, to be the key element of a new pedagogical approach capable of adapting teaching and learning processes to the profile of individual learners.

iClass will improve the quality and efficiency of learning, an important intangible asset, providing Europe with the future framework and infrastructure for exploiting and delivering national curricula and educational resources in an advanced learning environment.

To reach its objectives, iClass unites 22 partners from 11 different countries made up of: leading
European research partners in cognitive science, pedagogy and artificial intelligence; 4 of the world’s leading IT companies and 3 SMEs with state of the art learning & new media technologies; 3 multinational school networks who will pilot and evaluate the iClass results during the project.

EU-Homepage: http://cordis.europa.eu/projects/rcn/71139_en.html


  • Dietrich Albert
  • Fatima Brazao
  • Christina Eder
  • Magdalena Fitz
  • Jürgen Heller
  • Cord Hockemeyer
  • Michael Kickmeier-Rust
  • Michael Kunze
  • Stephanie Linek
  • Birgit Marte
  • Alexander Nussbaumer
  • Monika Pilgerstorfer
  • Claudia Repitsch
  • Christina Steiner
  • Ali Ünlü
  • Ronja-Fides Voß

Partners: EU-Homepage – Participants

Graz Partner: Department of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria/Europe

Duration: 01.01.2004 – 30.06.2008 (54 months)

Funding: Supported by the 6th framework (Information Societies Technology) programme (FP6-IST, IP) of the European Commission. Grant No.: 507922

  • Total Budget: € 12,589,624.00
  • Total Funding: € 8,999,997.00
  • CSS Budget: € 745,890.00