Immersive Reflective Experience-based Adaptive Learning

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The popularity of immersive simulated environments for experiential learning is growing; they will be a key part of tomorrow’s technologies in the area of adult training. The major challenge is to effectively align the learning experience in the virtual environment with the ‘real-world’ context and ‘day-to-day’ job practice. ImREAL’s goal is to develop a novel conceptual framework and innovative semantic-enhanced intelligent services to extend existing simulated environments with adaptive meta-cognitive scaffolding in a cost-effective way.



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Graz Partner: Knowledge Technologies Institute, Graz University of Technology, Austria/Europe

Duration: 01.10.2010 – 30.09.2013 (36 months)

Funding: Supported by the 7th framework (Information and Communication Technologies) programme (FP7-ICT, STREP) of the European Commission. Grant No.: 257831

  • Total Budget: € 4,189,183.00
  • Total Funding: € 3,219,996.00
  • CSS Budget: € 323,330.00