Relational Adaptive Tutoring Hypertext
A System for Developing Hypermedia-Based Teaching Components of Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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RATH version 0.1 is a prototype for a Relational Adaptive Tutoring Hypertext WWW-Environment. It is based on three sources: a mathematical model of hypertext developed by Albert, Hockemeyer and Held; the relational database theory originally developed by Codd; and a correspondence (mentioned by Albert and Hockemeyer) between the mathematical hypertext model and knowledge space theory (originally developed by Doignon and Falmagne).

The prototype combines advanced WWW technology and the Oracle relational database system. It was developed by Cord Hockemeyer (in cooperation with Dietrich Albert). Developing the underlying ideas and the prototype itself was supported by DGXII at the European Commission by Grant ERBCHBICT941599 (HCM Research Fellowship) and by the University of Graz, Austria.

The prototype’s features are illustrated by a course in elementary probability theory.

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University: Department of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria/Europe

Duration: 01.01.1995 – 30.06.1997 (30 months)

Funding: Supported by DGXII at the European Commission. Grant No.: ERBCHBICT941599

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