Transformative Adaptive Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT

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The FP7 project TARGET ( Transformative Adaptive Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT) aims at accommodate personalisation and adaptation to respond to specific learning needs and contexts within the business processes and human resources management systems of organisations by means of a serious game platform.


Media: Publishable Summary (pdf)


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Graz Partner: Knowledge Technologies Institute, Graz University of Technology, Austria/Europe

Duration: 01.01.2009 – 31.10.2012 (46 months)

Funding: Supported by the 7th framework (Information and Communication Technologies) programme (FP7-ICT, IP) of the European Commission. Grant No.: 231717

  • Total Budget: € 9,406,168.00
  • Total Funding: € 6,787,613.00
  • CSS Budget: € 596,384.00